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So my braided leather strap watch has been busted for about a year. I thought perhaps it was just the battery, until I took it to the jewelers today (I'm a huge procrastinator, what can I say?) and they said that the battery was fully charged and figured something on the inside was broken. I emailed the company that makes the watches on the piece of paper that came in the tin that the watch came in just now and my email bounced back. Has anyone ever contacted these guys? Stupid thing is, I wore this thing into a hot tub a couple weeks before it stopped working, I bet that's what jacked it up. I probably wouldn't get a free fix anyway. Crap! I barely had it for any time before it broke. And now I'm probably going to get charged big bucks at a jewelry repair place for it because I can't contact the manufacturers? This sucks! I'm probably just going to have to eat crow on this one and let it go, sigh.
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